Potluck Picnic Furmeet - Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Gathering at a the Park!

Event Group: Lancaster Area Furs

Organized by: Caeline
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Potluck Picnic Furmeet Info
What: Potluck Picnic Furmeet
Where: Lancaster County Central Park
When: May 4th, 2019
Time: 1200 (noon) until whenever

Hey fuzzehs!!! 

We are hosting a picnic meetup!! Lots of open space, picnic tables, and, if we get lucky, an empty pavilion.

Bring whatever you want food and drink-wise, but please do contact tell me first so we dont get fifty people bringing the same flavor of Herrs chips!!

See the park's rules for the rules we have to abide by, they're available online here: https://co.lancaster.pa.us/244/Lancaster-County-Central-Park

I'll be bringing water!

Please refrain from bringing anything NSFW related or small children as they are tremendously annoying!!!!

Address for parking is on Loop Drive, off of Williamson Road.

Suits ARE welcome and allowed!

Any comments or questions please contact @Littlegryph or @Loveless_Fur on Telegram
Attendee List For Potluck Picnic Furmeet
  1. Loveless
  2. Hjöra Återvart Väljörn   (Hydrating drinks, deli tray)
  3. Ritsuka   (tea (arizona) coke cola)
  4. Rasvashed   (Ritsuka)
  5. Fox-bunny wingman thing   (My face, and uh.... maybe dip?)
  6. MiLayna Swiftpaws   (Utz Potato Chips (plain & Sour Cream/Onion))
  7. Xaria profile   (shrimp linguine)
  8. Wolcan   (Deviled eggs)
  9. Remus   (2 pizzas, maybe subs and dessert)
  10. Cheyenne L. Perry profile   (Cupcakes)
  11. Samantha Darwin   (She's coming with Summerlin Lockwood with cupcakes)
  12. Aleksovich   (Paper plates and plastic utensils)
  13. Caeline   (Fruit trays!)
  14. SilverStar R Heggisist   (Nachos, Root beer, Hjöra)
  15. Dragovich   (Chip dip)
  16. Catherine Abreu   (Chips salad poke cake my switch and an enormous amount of energy)
  17. EnclaveTesla (maybe coming)
  18. The Baconator   (Sparkling drinks and kettle/sweet potato chips)
  19. Phoenix Pyre
  20. Drool (maybe coming)   (Drinks)
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