Furled day #5 - Saturday, July 29, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Picnic at the park

Event Group: Lehigh Valley Furmeet

Organized by: Zena
Furled day #5 Info

Back at it again on July 29th! this will be our 5th picnic. Last time we had a few bumps in the plans but this time but we will be making sure it's not reserved a few days before. If it is the park will be switched to another.

Planned date: July 29th

Rain date: August 5th.

Located near Allentown, PA (501 American St, Catasauqua 18032)

They have volleyball courts,  field, playground, pavillion, and a stage.

sports will be played if enough interested, fursuiting allowed and encouraged. bringing food isn't required but very much appreciated. I'll have a table for anyone who wants to draw as well. speakers will be plugged in with auxiliary cord and Bluetooth to play music throughout the day and food should be avaliable a little after 11.

The day will run from 11am-everyone is gone.

if any one has suggestions or questions let me know. 

Also, if it would be reserved it should be held at havor canal park, Allentown. About 1 to 2 miles from the other park. So check back a day before picnic or join our telegram group at


hope to see you there!

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Attendee List For Furled day #5
  1. Aaron Cooper   (Speakers, utensils and the fenine leading this event xD)
  2. Zena Uzumaki   (Some food(not sure yet) and art supplies.)
  3. Pyre Kitsune   (hopefully food stuffz... tbd)
  4. Nani   (Sweets)
  5. Arc Flash Fox   (potato and macaroni salade)
  6. phoenix   (Some food and maybe a friend this time.)
  7. Bella   (My famous brownies!)
  8. Celine Santoro   (Water and spooky suit~)
  9. TiggyCat profile   (Twizzlers Candy)
  10. Neo Seadrake   (Powerade, maybe chips)
  11. Aegis!   (Beef Dogs, Cookies of DOOM)
  12. dante   (something soda, chips)
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