Free Trip to Toronto Raffle - Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 3:00 AM

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Event Group: Tri-State Fur Meets

Organized by: MaxamilionTheFox
Event Schedule
Date Title Description RSVP Max
Friday, March 13, 2020 at 7:00 PM FurLooza FurBowl -
Friday, March 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM Mario Kart Tournament Furnal Equinox Charity Tournament -
Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 5:00 PM 2020 Smash Bros World Series Furnal Equinox Charity Tournament 32
Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM Six Flags Over Georgia Fur Week Atlanta -
Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 5:00 PM FurLooza 2 FurBowl -
Free Trip to Toronto Raffle Info
Hello everyone @maxamilionthefox (Telegram) here with some Breaking News

I've given a ton of thought to doing this,but now seems like a better time than any to announce I'm doing a luxury vacation raffle. What's the vacation? Well, how would you like to visit downtown Toronto Ontario during the 10th largest convention in the world of Furry known as Furnal Equinox.

What you will recieve is a NEAR-All expenses paid trip, a sponsor ticket, hotel paid for if you stay in my room, and 1/2 your transportation to the con should you decide to take Greyhound, PeterPan or Amtrak [Null and Void if you have a ride to the con]

Why am I doing this? Considering all the negativity going on in the world (and in the fandom unfortunately) I decided to take this opportunity to give back to a very lucky someone and give them an experience they will enjoy using money out of my own pockets because Generosity is a virtue

Rules of Entry: you must be 18 years old or older by March 18th *weekend of the con* To enter. Sorry but I only wanna deal with adults not minors and it doesn't matter if you're emancipated or not the answer is no so sorry :(
You must also own a Passport as you can not get into Canada without one. If you want a passport check online for prices. They take 4-8 weeks to process if you don't have one and cost $115 +$25 tax for the book or for (Mex-USA-CAN) you can get a card for $35 +$25 tax

[This is a New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and East PA furs raffle only... If you don't live in this region then I apologise as I'll be unable to help you get to the con therefore you're disqualified from entering the raffle (PA any where East of Harrisburg including AllenTown, Scranton and/or Philadelphia )]

This raffle will start Friday August 2nd and run for a whole Month and a winner will be chosen on so good luck to all and I hope you enjoy the con as well as DownTown Toronto, ON. Please also note if you have been to Furnal Equinox b4 this does unfortunately disqualify you as well, I only want people who have never been to Toronto to experience what Canada has to offer for their first time

How to enter: (UserName - location, state) example (Maxamilion - Manhattan, NY) when registering below
Attendee List For Free Trip to Toronto Raffle
  1. Kevlar Lombax
  2. Panda!
  3. Samantha samant   (Yeeeeeee)
  4. Misfitroo - Philadelphia, PA
  5. Victoria - Edgewater, New Jersey
  6. Sabrina Miles   (Zaiya)
  7. Shiro_kuma   (Yes(NYC))
  8. Wolfblood   (Free trip to Toronto)
  9. Fancy Foxx profile
  10. Wolfblood - Queens, NY   (Toronto raffle)
  11. Brindle - Philadelphia, PA
  12. Darksteel - AC. NJ
  13. ZenoTheZebra Hammonton NJ
  14. Falconeio (Flushing NY)
  15. Lirusaito - Long Island, NY
  16. Inksplatter [Roselle NJ]
  17. Ryuku The Wolf
  18. Sinclair Wolf -NJ   (Yes)
  19. Sasha - United Kingdom   (Toronto)
  20. Nuibella - Albany, NY profile
  21. Napalm - Rhode Island
  22. Vector - Holley, NY
  23. Blaze Note
  24. Hachi-fox (commack , ny)
  25. Saber
  26. Nico The Tanuki (Town of Hempstead, New York)
  27. Daniel Skirtandzy   (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  28. Hades (Albany, NY)
  29. Zypher Aneki
  30. Paw Souls- Elizabeth NJ
  31. Juvu   (Bronx, NYC)
  32. Merkei - Brooklyn NY
  33. Sammy   (Brooklyn, NY)
  34. Leah (Bronx, New York City)   ((not sure what goes in Raffle))
  35. ShardWintreswolf profile
  36. DJ-Salrus
  37. Fairfox   (Holmes, PA)
  38. HayPanda - Leeds, NY profile
  39. MommaPeanut - Leeds, NY
  40. Alyon59 - New Jersey   (Raffle baffle)
  41. Blacksilk   (Hunterdon NJ)
  42. Zaiya/Roxie - Huntington NY   (This one)
  43. Angelo
  44. Juni (New Brunswick, NJ)
  45. FixItFox (Schenectady, NY)
  46. milkcant profile
  47. Hwhishphurrh   (Lincoln Park - New Jersey)
  48. Orion-J
  49. Boo   (Greenvale, ny)
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