The New York Renaissance Faire - Sunday, September 1, 2019 at 11:00 AM

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Time Travelers Day

Event Group: Hudson Valley Furs

Organized by: Setsuna
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The New York Renaissance Faire Info
Sunday, September 1st at 11am

600 NY-17A, Tuxedo Park, NY, 10987


September 1st is the Time Travelers event at the NY Ren Faire! Since there is no more Day Of Wrong (where any cosplay was acceptable) Time Travelers is our next best chance! FURSUITERS!!! We are calling on you (and of course non suiters!) To come on out, strut your fluff and join us at the NY Ren Faire! There will be lots of people and lots of kids so if you love interacting with people, taking pictures, putting on a show, this is a really great stage! This is going up in several Telegram groups as well so if attendance looks low here it's because they've already replied in the groups, but the turn out for this should be big!!!

Keep an eye on the Hudson Valley chat specifically as that's where I'm admin and do most of the posting, or message me directly @setsunawolf for more info or to try and find the group the day of the meet.

YES! Highly encouraged! 

Other: bring cash for food and water, prices of course are a bit higher than what you'd normally pay so be prepared for that. Bring sunscreen if not in suit and you burn easy, never know just how sunny it will be.

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Attendee List For The New York Renaissance Faire
  1. Setsuna +1   (HUZZAH!)
  2. Xiao Mei   (My dope ass conquistador armor)
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