HCNJ's "Purrito" ABC/C meet #15 by - Saturday, October 15, 2022 at 7:00 PM

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A Fursuit-Friendly Arts & Crafts Event - 10/15/22

Event Group: HCNJ Furs The Purrito: ABC/C ArtsBoardgames&Crafts

Organized by: Azu Gabu
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HCNJ's "Purrito" ABC/C meet #15 by Info

The "Purrito" ABC/C: Furmeet #15

HCNJFurs Furmeet #15 (ABC = Arts, Board Games, Crafts, & Chill.)

Saturday, October 15th, 2022 

@ Highland Park Pride Center

85 Raritan Ave #100, Highland Park, NJ 08904

ST = 7PM ; ET = 11PM (12AM Cleanup)


HCNJFurs Admin:

Azu Gabu


Chal Zard, Twilight, Blacksilk, & Ratchet




MUST RSVP, 18+ & show proof of VACS. or see staff for entry. Limit 60! Masks++.

Bring either vaccination card, or Download Docket on Apple (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/docket-organize-communicate/id1117444284) or on Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foxhallwythe.docket.mobile)

The Pride Center runs on donations. Suggested donation $3 or more per furson, if you can. Donate here: https://www.pridecenter.org/support-the-center-1


ABC/C Furmeet INFO:

This meet will focus on learning something new or working on becoming better in a class like structureNeed a DTD done? Slots are limited. Learn a board game? Ask Staff or Bring one with you. Chill? Feel free. Want to suit? Go ahead! All cool.


Code of Conduct:



Banned List:

1) Korrie Husky . 2) Crash Tiger . 3) F19 Spectre . 4) Glitch

(Note: You risk being kicked from events by HCNJFurs and NJFurs attended with these furries. They may have different Aliases, its important to ask Mods/Staff if you think that they might be one of the individuals. These people will be removed by police if necessary.)  


If you have any problems, issues, or and questions regarding this meet, please contact Admin AzuGabu @ Gabum0n86@gmail.com or Lead Mod ChalZard @ chalxemlus77@gmail.com . Media wise check out a soon to be dedicated Twitter and Instagram for HCNJFurs. Take Care and Have fun ^^. *Waggles*

Attendee List For HCNJ's "Purrito" ABC/C meet #15 by (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP: 11)
  1. Azu Gabu   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
  2. Tom wolf   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
  3. Zach(maybe going)   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
  4. Mizu the floatzel   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
  5. Chal   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
  6. Orange Creamsicle   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
  7. ollie   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
  8. Brindle   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
  9. Chiono profile   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
  10. Orion-J   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
  11. Rocky   (Yes I Read The CoC off FurSVP)
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