The "Dawg" HCNJ Furmeet #200 - Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 7:30 PM

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Weekly Northern New Jersey Furmeet; meets every Tuesday of the month unless otherwise posted. This week's meet will be happening this Tuesday night on June 11th, 2019, at Hudson Lanes in Jersey City, NJ starting at 9PM. Fursuit and Costume friendly!

Event Group: HCNJ Furs (Hudson C. NJ Furs)

Organized by: Azu Gabu
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The "Dawg" HCNJ Furmeet #200 Info

The "Dawg" #200th HCNJFurs Furmeet Celebration

 (Northeast-Hudson County NJ Meet)

  Tuesday, June 11th, 2019, at Broadway Diner @ 7/730PM then Bowling @ 9/930PM.


Event Coordinator:

Azu Gabu


Chal Zard, Darrius Rattray, Kuwa Sabertooth



Hudson Lanes in JC, NJ


June 11th, 2019 Tuesday

Start Time is at 9/930PM.

(7:00PM/7:30PM is a Broadway Diner run. See additional information for more details)

Broadway Diner is located on 1075 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ 07002

Bowling End Time is 11PM or closing of the bowling alley. (Alley closes at 12AM).


1 Garfield Ave, Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ 07305 United States of America



Nationwide Bowling's Hudson Lanes Tuesday night Winter deal: starting from 9:00 pm until midnight, $5 for three games, per person & $2 per pair of bowling shoes


Additional Information:

Fursuits and Costumes:

Fursuit and Fursuit Costume like things are ALLOWED!! :D and Management approved.

Party Room/Changing Room:

This will be up in the air depending on if there are no Birthday Parties and/or corporate events. Will find out on site.

Group Photo:

Will be taken around 10PM at the back of the lanes. For those that wish to be in one, let me know!

Pro Shop:

Open from 11AM and closes at 6PM.

(Get there early if you need the equipment or call ahead.)

Food Court: 

Open til about 10:30PM-11:00PM.

$15.00 - $25.00

Large Pizza Pie (See Concession Management)

$6.00 Meals:

Burger, Med. French Fries (+$1 for Drink)

Cheeseburger, Med. French Fries (+$1 for Drink)

Hot Dog, Med. French Fries (+$1 for Drink)

Tuna Sandwich, Med. French Fries (+$1 for Drink)

Chicken Nuggets(10), Med. French Fries (+$1 for Drink)

Slice of Pizza, Med. French Fries (+$1 for Drink)

$7.00 Meals:

Hot Dogs(2), Med. French Fries (+$1 for Drink)

Chicken Tenders(3), Med. French Fries (+$1 for Drink)

Chicken Wings(6), Med. French Fries (+$1 for Drink)

Slices of Pizza(2), Med. French Fries (+$1 for Drink)

$5.00 Items:

Pitchers of Soda

Pitchers of Iced Tea

Pitchers of Juice

$4.00 Items:

Large Cheese French Fries

Pitchers of Gatorade

$3.00 Items:

Large French Fries

Pitchers of Water

$2.50 Items:

Small Cheese Fries

$2.00 Items:

Small Fries

$1.00 Items:

Med. Drink


Open til about 10:30PM-11:00PM

(Please act responsibly ;3 if you wish to drink, make sure you have another driver or take the taxi home. We all want you to get home safely!!)

Public Transportation Friendly:

Under a 1/4 mile for buses that can take you from near the bowling Alley to NYC Port Authority. A Light Rail stop about 1/2 of a mile away.

Driving Friendly:

Right off the Turnpike for those that drive. (<5 minutes out from the turn.)

Snacking Friendly:

Within a minute Walking Distance of a Rite Aid, Wendy's, Walgreens, Burger King, Quick Check, 7-11, and Broadway Diner.  

Artist and Non Bowlers Friendly:

Plenty of seating and a high table sitting area behind the lanes for those that want to draw, take pictures, play games, board games, etc. If you are not bowling purchase a drink or something small from concessions. A little here and there will keep the managers and bowling staff happy and keep us around. :3. *Waggles.*

Non Bowling Alley Noms:

(Food for either before or after as a group)  

~ Wendy's is open until 2AM ~

Broadway Diner is located on 1075 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ 07002 and is open 24/7! 


Code of Conduct:

1) No DRAMA!

I really would not like drama to ruin this nice event. Leave it at the door or outside in the parking lot. If you cause intentional drama, you will be asked to stop. 2 strikes and your out of the Furmeet. So please behave and have fun!!

2) NO Means NO!

This is a given. If someone tells you no and you continue to persist, you will be kicked out, and even banned. So please be kind to every fur and Non furry around. Kindness and a smile goes a long way.


Trolling can get someone to the point of pure anger or sadness absolute please do not go around personally trying to get someone upset or even to the point of stalker like behavior. That will not be tolerated and 2 strikes and you will be kicked out . No need for that period!

4) Behavior - Public Displays of Affection:

Here is the thing. PG affectionate displays are allowed. However these actions must be consensual between both parties. No non PG actions are allowed to be taken. Be mindful to account young kids, parents and families frequently come to the alleys. Sexy things should be kept off and away from the lanes. So please don't do them, and everything will run smoothly. This is not too much to ask, and thus this is a rule .

5) Other Guest Interaction:

These lanes are packed with people who aren't furry, so try and be mindful of our bowling neighbor's. People around the bowling alley and those on the lanes are trying to enjoy there time as well, so please be respectful. So act accordingly. If there are any problems, they will be handled by myself and management. This way, everyone is happy. =)

6) Bowlers Etiquette 101:

Many people don't know this but their are a series of rules. "Right of way" being the biggest. Yield to the people on the bowling strip to the right or to the left if they are on the strip. This allows each bowler their own time to bowl and have their flow uninterrupted. Also, both bowlers in the same set of lanes should not bowl at the same time. This can cause the pinsetters and lane returns to act funny. Most of all, be mindful of personal space and rituals. Sometimes it's best to catch a breath before bowling anyway. Take your time and remember to have fun!!

7) Respect the LANES

The Hudson Lanes are giving us a chance and a space to have fun. So please clean up after yourselves and don't leave a mess. The brighter we shine, the more things can move forward with the management and its relationship with us. Positive actions like this can help with other events and things we can do in the future.

8) Feeling Safe and Weapons:

I really want every attendee to feel safe and secure while having fun and enjoying their games . Please be sure that if any problems do arise, management and the proper authorities will be called. Everyone's safety is number 1 priority. With that said, do not bring any weapons of any kind into the lanes. Legal or concealed, we would feel much better if your leave them in your car or at home. If caught with weapons, you will be asked to take them to your car or stored until end of event.

9) Your Property:

Note that we can have the party rooms on Tuesday's as long as they're are no Birthday Parties and Corporate Events to keep your stuff safe. However, if that is not possible, please keep your precious items close to you or in your car. It would be sad to lose something precious to you or to someone else. There will be a designated area to keep things safe if need be.

10) Fursuits and Costumes:

Do note that if we do get a room it shall be used as a changing place and if not there is a bathroom and a private that we may have access to. If you do use the bathroom technique as a changing area, bring someone with you. Make sure your handler is there to give you the support ya need and a watchful eye. *Smiles.*


Thanks for the look through, and if you can give me any advice or boost this out there, it would be greatly appreciated! *Marf.* Any questions, comments, concerns or problems feel free to email me at ( ) Check out the NJFurs G+ for status updates and other nifty things!! *Waggles.* Thanks!!

Attendee List For The "Dawg" HCNJ Furmeet #200 (Both: 5; Fursuit/Costume: 3; Yes I Read The CoC: 5)
  1. Azu Gabu profile   (Yes I Read The CoC, Both, Fursuit/Costume)
  2. Chal   (Yes I Read The CoC, Both, Fursuit/Costume)
  3. Blacksilk   (Yes I Read The CoC, Both, Fursuit/Costume)
  4. Draykien Cyndrak   (Yes I Read The CoC, Both)
  5. Bee +1   (Yes I Read The CoC, Both)
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