Fur Dave & Busters - Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 7:00 PM

Dave and Busters Meet Up

Event Group: Fur Dave & Busters

Organized by: Pawsouls
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Fur Dave & Busters Info
Time for games, food and fun!

Never been to a dave and busters? Think of it like a chuck e cheese but for teens/adults. This an indoor arcade where you can play games, eat and drink. Also, you can earn tickets which can be traded in for prizes.

Meet time and place:
7 pm 
274 Woodbridge Center Drive, 
Woodbridge, NJ 07095
Sadly not fursuit friendly, simple things like tails or such are okay but recall there be families around and little kids sometimes so please keep that in mind.

It will start with food before hitting the games, i also suggest the combo deals they have where you can get food and a game card for little under $25. 
I suggest bringing a minimum of $25 btw to enjoy whether or not you are eating there.
Please rsvp so we can reserve a seat if you are to join to eat. Also if you plan on drinking, make sure to bring ID (you be surprised that people forget that rule.) Drinks can be taken out of the bar area and into the game area.
Be sure to RSVP below!

(Any questions, just message on telegram @pawsouls)
Attendee List For Fur Dave & Busters
  1. Paw Souls   (Yes)
  2. Akela   (Yes please!)
  3. Chris hotstreak   (a bit)
  4. Liam   (Probably)
  5. Bee   (Yuppers)
  6. Shy profile   (Yes)
  7. Lenaki   (Yes)
  8. Willow the Vixen   (Only what others may offer to me.)
  9. Chal   (Hopefully (yes))
  10. Rob Dayson   (Sure)
  11. Pongo Fox   (Yes)
  12. Baden the Sergal   (yes)
  13. Akitagami the Otter   (yes)
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