Christmas Exchange and Bowling - Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 4:00 PM

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Arcades, Bowling, Shooting Pool and Fursuiting

Event Group: Eastern VA Furs

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Christmas Exchange and Bowling Info
    1st Annual Christmas Gift Exchange and Bowling!

You heard it right! Fursuit bowling is back! We have four lanes reserved 25-28. All totes and whatnot can be stored in the rear locker room which is right next to our lanes. Changing can be done there or bathroom. Feetpaws can be worn while bowling, but MUST be non marking!!! This is a pay what you bowl. It's $6.44 per game before 6pm. $5 for shoe rental.
Now for the gift exchange! We are going to set the max gift price to $20. Please stay around that. NO GAG GIFTS! If you wouldn't want it as a gift, don't bring it. We will have a designated person that will be collecting the wrapped gifts. When you give the person the gift, you will be given a number. Don't lose it! After all gifts are turned in we will pile them together and call a number at random. You get to pick a gift from the pile and another number will be called. Here is the kicker... Usually the last person to be called gets "screwed" cause well... last. Not in this case. Last person can either take the gift from the pile or steal from another and they receive the last gift :)

Location for the Event is AMF Hanover Lanes  7317 Bell Creek Rd, Mechanicsville, Va 23111

(TBA) May possibly have a dinner afterwards at the Noodles and Company. It's right beside the Best Buy.
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Attendee List For Christmas Exchange and Bowling
  1. Moonglo(Skylo)   (Bowling)
  2. Bay   (Bowling)
  3. Quintus   (Hanging out)
  4. Kenzo NC   (Unsure)
  5. Swifty   (Hanging out)
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