Delaware Furbowl 66: Time Warp! - Saturday, September 29, 2018 at 7:00 PM

A furry bowling meet hosted by The Furst State

Event Group: The Furst State

Organized by: Jasper
Delaware Furbowl 66: Time Warp! Info

This furbowl runs from 7-10pm!!!

We are trying something new and shifting furbowl an hour earlier. The thought behind this is it makes travelling to and from furbowl easier for those who come from a distance. This is just something we are trying out, so please let us know if this is something you like, or don’t like.

In light of this change, the theme for Furbowl 66 is Time Warp!

It's just a jump to the left and then a step to the right! Dance your way back into the past with the theme time warp...but don't go too far or we might need disco pants again!


When is it?

Saturday September 29th, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Where is it?


3031 New Castle Ave

New Castle, DE

Google Maps link

How much is it?

Bowling: $20 includes a Furbowl badge, bowling shoe rental, and unlimited bowling for 3 hours.

Furbowl Badge: $5 This is a great way for attendees who are not bowling to get a nifty badge for the event, and a great way to support Furbowl!


You can RSVP right here on this site!

Note: Only check the box for bowling if you actually plan to bowl.

If you are going to just hang out at the bowling alley, don't check the box!

Please only RSVP if you are fairly positive you're going to be there. It helps us a lot with planning to have an accurate count!

Details about the Delaware Furbowl

We will begin accepting payment for badges and bowling at 6:45, and the lanes will turn on at 7:00. We ask that bowling groups be limited to 5 bowlers per lane. For food there is a Dunkin Donuts (open till 8pm) and a restaurant (open till 11pm) attached to the bowling alley; you are welcome to come earlier for a bite to eat or some snacks!

Bowling is $20 for shoes, a Furbowl badge, and unlimited games for three hours! Note: everyone MUST wear bowling shoes in order to bowl, including fursuiters. We can only accept cash payments for bowlers. There is an ATM in the alley - please use it or bring cash!

We will take a fursuiter group picture will take place in front of the headless lounge at 9:00 for those interested!

At 10:00 we shut the DE Furbowl down, including the headless lounge. We ask that if you choose to hang out at the alley after the end of furbowl that you be respectful to anyone who may start using our space.

Artist Alley

Yes, Furbowl has an Artist Alley! Click the checkbox below to be added to the lottery to join. Artists are welcome to bring markers, paper, and other art supplies in order to create and sell their artwork. Space is limited, so we work on a lottery system. Impact (@yolkling on Twitter) runs the Furbowl Artist Alley - contact him with any questions!


The FAQ can be found here: Delaware Furbowl Information Thread: FAQ.

Rules and Standards of Conduct

By RSVPing to this event, you agree to follow the Delaware Furbowl Standards of Conduct.

Attendee List For Delaware Furbowl 66: Time Warp! (Artist: 2; Bowling: 10)
  1. Jasper   (Bowling)
  2. Leo DeVulpes profile   (Bowling)
  3. Azao
  4. Kritter
  5. Sunshadow Aminas
  6. Kadok Huwo
  7. Prince Mai the bday boy! Turning 23!!! profile
  8. Lupine Spark profile   (Bowling)
  9. Puck
  10. Doomsday
  11. Mechsae
  12. Risaa   (Artist)
  13. Oshi profile
  14. Wynston T. Wolf   (Bowling)
  15. Devin Wyldeheart profile
  16. Marlowe profile
  17. TiggyCat profile
  18. Tokala Macrowolf profile   (Bowling)
  19. cossy
  20. Kaare Sulkunen   (Bowling)
  21. Suraku   (Bowling)
  22. Kiba Wolf
  23. TJCoyote   (Bowling)
  24. Kain Karasu
  25. Matty
  26. dashing foxie profile
  27. Kurda
  28. Variscite profile   (Bowling)
  29. Amaretto   (Artist)
  30. Neo Seadrake
  31. Nitro
  32. Dozer   (Bowling)
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Registration will close at 7:00 PM on Saturday, September 29, 2018.
(It is now 2:25 PM on Wednesday, September 19, 2018)
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