Delaware Furbowl 60: We're back! - Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 8:30 PM

A bowling furmeet with The Furst State!

Event Group: The Furst State

Organized by: reaux
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Delaware Furbowl 60: We're back! Info

When is it?
Saturday, June 17, 8:30pm

Where is it?

3031 New Castle Ave

New Castle, DE
Google Maps link


You can RSVP right here on this site!
Note: Only check the box for bowling if you actually plan to bowl.
If you are going to just hang out at the bowling alley, don't check the box!

Please only RSVP if you are fairly positive you're going to be there. It helps us a lot with planning to have an accurate count!


Details about the Delaware Furbowl

Folks will begin gathering at the bowling alley at about 8:30PM. There is a Dunkin Donuts (open til 8pm) and a restaurant (open til 11pm) attached to the bowling alley; you are welcome to come earlier for a bite to eat or some snacks! However, the meet won't actually start until later. We will begin accepting payment for bowlers at 8:45. Credit cards can pay at the bowling alley's front desk and cash payment can be accepted in the Event Space at the alley!

Bowling is $15 for shoes and unlimited games for three hours! Note: everyone MUST wear bowling shoes in order to bowl, including fursuiters.

We will turn on the lanes around 9:00. Groups will be limited to 4 or 5 bowlers per lane. The group picture will take place in the party room at 10:30!

At midnight we shut the DE Furbowl down. Go home, go somewhere! You just can't stay here!

Artist Alley

Yes, Furbowl has an Artist Alley! Click the checkbox below to be added to the lottery to join. Artists are welcome to bring markers, paper, and other art supplies in order to create and sell their artwork. Space is limited, so we work on a lottery system. Impact (@yolkling on Twitter) runs the Furbowl Artist Alley. 


The FAQ can be found here: Delaware Furbowl Information Thread: FAQ.

Rules and Standards of Conduct

By RSVPing to this event, you agree to follow the
Delaware Furbowl Standards of Conduct.

Can't wait to see you all again for another fun furry meet!

Attendee List For Delaware Furbowl 60: We're back! (Artist: 6; Bowling: 67)
  1. reaux   (Bowling)
  2. Kessh   (Bowling)
  3. Janine (a.k.a. Draak)   (Bowling)
  4. Landis f   (Bowling)
  5. Sir Kain/Kendall/EricSkunk profile   (Bowling)
  6. Railrunner   (Bowling)
  7. Aunt Jemima (hot)
  8. Eerie Silverfox   (Bowling)
  9. Risa
  10. Strithor   (Bowling)
  11. Kofi profile
  12. Cellmate profile
  13. Flinch
  14. Koss Kelir
  15. Prince Mai profile
  16. LupineSpark profile
  17. Mechsae profile   (Bowling)
  18. Marlowe profile
  19. Tokala Macrowolf profile   (Bowling)
  20. Sunshadow Aminas
  21. Kadok huwo
  22. Drayne the Wolf
  23. Veulix
  24. Kali   (Bowling)
  25. Neo Seadrake   (Bowling)
  26. Amaretto   (Artist)
  27. Icerthebluelion (#catsrule) profile
  28. Braniff
  29. Kiba Wolf
  30. Tartok Tatkret Tikaani profile
  31. Ogjow Jasco Kurojack
  32. Sapphy profile   (Bowling)
  33. Jasper   (Bowling)
  34. Buns Cabbit
  35. Klaus   (Bowling)
  36. Teki Wolfmutt
  37. Ron Overdrive
  38. ZipZap profile
  39. Webster profile   (Bowling)
  40. Tsuki   (Bowling)
  41. Kit De Mutt profile
  42. Zion Lion profile
  43. Kamala/ Boz/Dublin
  44. Bea
  45. Sai Bree profile
  46. Fawnix profile   (Bowling)
  47. Echoic
  48. Gurei-Ookami
  49. Oshi profile   (Bowling)
  50. Filut profile
  51. Faunte
  52. Syclo profile
  53. BONNIETHEBUNNY   (Bowling)
  54. DA Real Ferret   (Bowling)
  55. Danielle Dexter   (Bowling)
  56. Wade Rittler   (Bowling)
  57. Pearl   (Bowling)
  58. Mazi   (Bowling)
  59. Wynston T. Wolf   (Bowling)
  60. Xinwaf   (Bowling)
  61. Gespent
  62. S3IZUR3   (Bowling)
  63. RiO
  64. Topaz
  65. Corviform profile   (Bowling)
  66. Hue the Husky profile   (Bowling)
  67. SolidSparkle117   (Bowling)
  68. Kiric
  69. turtyl
  70. Bazel profile
  71. Kyr
  72. Impact   (Bowling, Artist)
  73. Hypr Fox   (Bowling)
  74. Troi
  75. Andes wolf
  76. Kova wolf
  77. Alex wolf   (Bowling)
  78. Bri Mercedes profile   (Artist)
  79. Whitefeet   (Bowling)
  80. Raz Wolfshots   (Bowling)
  81. Cookie the Otter   (Bowling)
  82. Peachy profile
  83. Keba Woolfe
  84. October
  85. Norris
  86. Azao Ingemar
  87. TiggyCat profile
  88. Kingdom profile
  89. Sweets
  90. Atari
  91. Doppler
  92. Jethro
  93. Atreyu Pallaton
  94. Anabel profile
  95. Mosquito the Raptor profile   (Artist)
  96. Grave
  97. Mori
  98. SyburrHusky
  99. Casey
  100. Denden   (Bowling)
  101. Darkspark   (Artist)
  102. Joshua (Ajax)   (Bowling)
  103. Doral
  104. Tuskyn profile   (Bowling)
  105. Buzz Bear   (Bowling)
  106. Harp Husky   (Bowling)
  107. Bayin   (Bowling)
  108. makai
  109. Truekaia profile   (Bowling)
  110. Orio   (Bowling)
  111. Taco
  112. Dakota
  113. Blue-Scale   (Bowling)
  114. Haru profile   (Artist)
  115. Aegis!   (Bowling)
  116. Blitz profile   (Bowling)
  117. Mazzy   (Bowling)
  118. Junius profile
  119. Deth   (Bowling)
  120. Kohaku
  121. Rasachi/Miles profile   (Bowling)
  122. Panzerthecat   (Bowling)
  123. Philly Phox profile
  124. Kenji profile   (Bowling)
  125. Finnish   (Bowling)
  126. Kitt4ns   (Bowling)
  127. ergy profile
  128. Slimmy Spidox   (Bowling)
  129. Vortuga   (Bowling)
  130. Coopertom
  131. Raiven
  132. Kiyoshi (Dragons rule)   (Bowling)
  133. KuddlKat   (Bowling)
  134. scurrow profile   (Bowling)
  135. King Gourd   (Bowling)
  136. Ferric   (Bowling)
  137. Sweeper
  138. Hypercat
  139. Kojac
  140. Origamigryphon
  141. sam
  142. Akari
  143. Devin Wyldeheart/Shades-of-Grey profile
  144. Skratch profile   (Bowling)
  145. Matthew (Flame) profile   (Bowling)
  146. Matthew   (Bowling)
  147. Wonderdawg Dingo   (Bowling)
  148. Muse
  149. Beta   (Bowling)
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