Delaware Furbowl 83: Bi Pride - Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 7:00 PM

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A furry bowling meet hosted by The Furst State

Event Group: The Furst State

Organized by: The Furst State
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Saturday, November 11, 2023 at 7:00 PM Delaware Furbowl 84: Wuffle House A furry bowling meet hosted by The Furst State -
Delaware Furbowl 83: Bi Pride Info

When is it?

Saturday September 23rd, 7:00pm - 10:00pm


Where is it?


3031 New Castle Ave

New Castle, DE


How much is it?

Bowling: $20 includes a Furbowl badge, bowling shoe rental, and unlimited bowling for 3 hours.

Furbowl Badge: $5 You get a nifty badge for the event, and a great way to support Furbowl! 

Accepted forms of payment are cash or credit cards through Square



Please only RSVP if you are fairly positive you're going to be there. It helps us a lot with planning to have an accurate count!


Details about the Delaware Furbowl

Registration desk and lanes will open up at 7:00pm.

Please try to keep bowling groups limited to 5 bowlers per lane. 

Note: everyone MUST wear bowling shoes in order to bowl, including fursuiters.


We will take a fursuiter group picture in front of the loft at 8:30pm for those interested! 

At 10:00pm we shut the DE Furbowl down, including the headless lounge.


Artist Alley

The first 4 artists who sign up get the slots in the artist's alley, no last minute sign ups!

Please do NOT try to sign up the day of the event around 6:50pm for the Artist Alley. 

If you can not make it please remove your signature from the list to free up a slot for another artist, thank you!


If you do not arrive when the event starts, then by 7:30pm your spot will be forfeited to another artist on a waitlist.

Any bags that can not fit under the table or under your seats must be left at home, or be placed in your vehicle to allow enough space for the artists around you.

Contact TheFurstState (@TheFurstState on twitter) with any questions about the Artist Alley!

Furbowl COVID-19 Policy

In order to maximize protection, we encourage only fully vaccinated individuals to attend Furbowl at this time. 

If you are feeling ill on the day of the event, we ask you to not attend for your safety and the safety of others.

Please do your best to stay safe and be courteous to others attending. Thank you!


Rules and Standards of Conduct

By RSVPing to this event, you agree to follow the Delaware Furbowl Standards of Conduct.

Attendee List For Delaware Furbowl 83: Bi Pride (Artist: 3; Bowling: 46)
  1. Azao Ingemar   (Bowling)
  2. Sapphy profile
  3. Landis profile
  4. Zundi
  5. Vaynrat profile
  6. Frey profile   (Artist)
  7. Kevin Universe profile   (Bowling)
  8. KratheoTheCrazy   (Bowling)
  9. Kasey
  10. Amaretto Rawr   (Artist)
  11. Marlowe profile   (Artist)
  12. Chevron profile   (Bowling)
  13. TiggyCat profile
  14. Pipsiy profile   (Bowling)
  15. Pete   (Bowling)
  16. Cedarwood profile   (Bowling)
  17. Rexxie
  18. Prince Mai profile
  19. Mechsae
  20. Memento profile
  21. Webster Leone profile   (Bowling)
  22. Cole Blackmon profile   (Bowling)
  23. Northstar profile   (Bowling)
  24. Dumont the Wolf
  25. Sweet JB   (Bowling)
  26. MarioDaBean   (Bowling)
  27. Sunspire profile   (Bowling)
  28. Tressa profile   (Bowling)
  29. Pj   (Bowling)
  30. Kake   (Bowling)
  31. Otha   (Bowling)
  32. Big Papa   (Bowling)
  33. Mothie profile
  34. Gabrielle Smith
  35. Roscoe   (Bowling)
  36. Jordan Cuslidge   (Bowling)
  37. Dijit profile   (Bowling)
  38. Suklaa   (Bowling)
  39. Twig   (Bowling)
  40. Richie   (Bowling)
  41. Drewski profile
  42. Faunte
  43. Mallo profile
  44. Echoic
  45. Illi profile   (Bowling)
  46. V A   (Bowling)
  47. Jouva   (Bowling)
  48. FoxSista profile   (Bowling)
  49. VS_Envy profile   (Bowling)
  50. Skratch_coyote   (Bowling)
  51. Mister Fox Person Sir!   (Bowling)
  52. SpringStar   (Bowling)
  53. Grapes   (Bowling)
  54. Eunos   (Bowling)
  55. Duck
  56. Ihcalam   (Bowling)
  57. Coyder
  58. Fang
  59. Togo Wolf profile   (Bowling)
  60. Kaljath Panthermage   (Bowling)
  61. Prince   (Bowling)
  62. Jammy   (Bowling)
  63. Randy Ringtail   (Bowling)
  64. Lissajous   (Bowling)
  65. Kalironi
  66. Gram
  67. Lumi   (Bowling)
  68. The0ry   (Bowling)
  69. Star   (Bowling)
  70. Crash Wolfy   (Bowling)
  71. PupperOne   (Bowling)
Registration is currently closed
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