Altoona Furbowl - Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 8:00 PM

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Bowling, Fursuiting, Hanging Out

Event Group: Altoona Furbowl

Organized by: Brennus
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Altoona Furbowl Info
Welcome to the Altoona Furbowl!

When is the event? July 24th, 2021, at 8 PM to 11 PM.

Bowling is 8 PM to 10 PM.

Where: 181 Bowling lane, Altoona, PA 16601.

Come join us for an awesome evening of bowling with a bunch of furry friends! 

Cost: $10 for bowling (shoes included) or just come and hangout which is free. Payment is collected at the bowling counter, just let them know you with the furry group.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Riley @Horsefur or myself @bun_nub on Telegram!

Thanks for visiting!

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Attendee List For Altoona Furbowl
  1. Bunjamin   (Organizing and having fun)
  2. Lavender profile   (Fursuitting)
  3. Blitz Da Bat   (Suiting maybe bowling)
  4. Scintilla profile   (Bowling, Fursuiting)
  5. Jordan Lomas
  6. Skye Stout   (Bowling)
  7. Lexus Fox   (Hanging out)
  8. Blitz's Mom   (Hanging out)
  9. Blitz's Sibling   (Hanging out)
  10. Arvo the Blue Jay profile   (Fursuiting)
  11. Page (Blitz's Friend)   (Hanging out maybe bowling)
  12. Brian (Blitz's Friend)   (Hanging out)
  13. Biscuit profile   (Bowling, Fursuiting)
  14. Rubik   (Probably Bowling and hang)
  15. Marmalade/Blackjack   (Hang out)
  16. Rhoda   (Bowling, suiting, and hanging)
  17. Peach   (Hanging out)
  18. Axel   (Hanging out)
  19. Minty   (Potentially fursuiting/hanging out)
  20. Korvu   (Fursuiting)
  21. CJFur profile   (Fursuiting/Photography)
  22. Shadow Wulf   (Fursuit, hang out)
  23. Erde (Blitz’s Friend) profile   (Hanging Out)
  24. Draxis Wyrmtail profile   (Hanging Out)
  25. Blitz's Dad   (Hangin out)
  26. Fwoxie   (Fursuiting)
  27. Steph (Blitz's Friend)   (Haning out)
  28. Jacob (Blit's Friend)   (Hanging out maybe bowling)
  29. VickyGaytor   (Maybe bowling, fursuiting, hanging out)
  30. Axel
  31. Kango zod
  32. Acadia
  33. Ronin
  34. Asher (Sage The Rabbit)   (Hanging out)
  35. Blake~(Percy)   (Bowling)
  36. Skyler(Lily)   (Bowling)
  37. Kue   (Fursuiting)
  38. Beowolf   (Hanging out.)
  39. Shadow   (Yes)
  40. Oliver   (All 3)
  41. Loki +1   (Bowling)
  42. Almond   (Hanging Out)
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