Altoona furbowl - Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 8:00 PM

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Event Group: Altoona furbowl

Organized by: Juta Kiwimelon
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Altoona furbowl Info
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Basic info
Time: 8:30pm-11pm
Price: 15-18 dollars (shoes included)
Location: 181 bowling Ln altoona pa 16601 
Group pic at 10pm for  everyone!!!

1. No Drama. i really would like that no drama ruin this event. leave it at the door or at home. We have a two strike system. you get two warnings, and if you do it again you will be asked to leave. 
2. No means NO- This is basic if someone tells you to stop or no and you still continue you will be asked to leave if it continues. please be kind to every fur and non fur alike. being nice goes a long way. 
3. Behavior and public displays of affection- Here is the issue public displays of affection are allowed. however actions must be consensual between both parties.  Be mindful and keep it PG 13 there are minors, children, and other families there. Keep sexy things in the bedroom. THis also goes for lewd or perverted comments. remember little kids run around all over . 
4. Other Guests INteractions- These Lanes are packed with other people that are not furry and may not like furries. please try and be mindful of them as they are our bowling neighbors . Keep the walk ways clear and do not crowd the main walk ways. We are trying to make a good impression. 
5. Be respectful to the lanes- THe holiday bowl is allowing us to use a few lanes and space to host these meets so that means we have to maintain a good relationship with them. Please clean up after yourself, put your shoes and bowling balls away, throw trash away. 
6. Your items- Be mindful where you put your fursuit totes, if you have something expensive and important and fear it might get lost or stolen please leave it at home or locked in your car. there are people everywhere and we all can't keep eyes out for things. 
7. Changing room- if needed we can use the one kiddy room and turn it into a changing room by putting up paper and covering the windows. TIll it is needed we can just change in the bathrooms or down the hall in the locker rooms. Please keep your fursuit totes in the kiddy room so they are out of the way. 
8. Rides- again basic you are responsible for your own means to and from the event. car pooling is fine just make sure you are safe everyone. if the weather is bad please do not risk your life for the event there is always the next one.
9. Booze, vapes, cigs- again this is a basic thing but lets highlight this. MInors are not to sit at tables where there is booze. Adults please do your part and do not leave any type of adult drink unattended thank you.  

These are the rules i ask everyone follow failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. you get 2 warnings and he next time will result in you being asked to leave. Please lets try and make this event fun and friendly for everyone.  if there is any questions, comments or concerns you can contact me on telegram at ash_1989 feel free to contact me. 

Attendee List For Altoona furbowl (Bowling: 10; Eating: 12)
  1. Lexus Fox   (Bowling)
  2. Scintilla profile   (Bowling)
  3. Stella profile   (Bowling)
  4. Helium   (Bowling)
  5. Spunky   (Eating)
  6. Lavender   (Eating)
  7. Geoff   (Bowling)
  8. Smash   (Bowling)
  9. Jay Wackal   (Eating)
  10. Juta
  11. Atlas Chai profile   (Eating)
  12. Vyrgo Bruce   (Eating, Bowling)
  13. Korvu   (Eating)
  14. Brennus   (Eating)
  15. Mark Rios   (Bowling)
  16. Stinky Jackal   (Eating)
  17. Kalypso collieflower   (Eating)
  18. Hikaru   (Eating)
  19. Jak profile   (Eating)
  20. Zackie profile   (Bowling)
  21. Noah (morpheus)   (Eating)
  22. Lee   (Bowling)
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