altoona furbowl - Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 8:00 PM

fun and bowling

Event Group: Altoona furbowl

Organized by: Alistair
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altoona furbowl Info
Thanks for visiting! 
Basic info
Time: 8pm-11pm
Price: 15-18 dollars (shoes included)
Location: 181 bowling Ln altoona pa 16601 
Group pic at 10pm for suiters, non-suiters everyone!!!

there will be a costume contest for anyone that wants to join. prizes will be announced at the start of  the event. 

They got amazing prices on food and booze. We are allowed to suit here but they only ask we wear bowling shoes while bowling. I ask everyone to please be respectful to the staff and one another no loud inappropriate screaming or inappropriate actions. 

Any questions please email me at I need to know how many are attending and how many want to bowl so the bowling alley can accommodate us. 
Bowling and purchasing food is not required but appreciated 
might extend it up till 2am if anyone wants to stay for the strike zone. 
When signing up please please please state if you are bowling or hanging out. 

Be sure to RSVP below!
Attendee List For altoona furbowl
  1. LUCA   (BOTH)
  2. Zoran   (Both)
  3. Yinepumeti   (Booze and Borks, maybe pizza)
  4. Azaghal   (Badgering around)
  5. Showa   (Both)
  6. Jay / Rubik   (Hang, talk, BORK)
  7. Zeska   (Bowl)
  8. Latte   (Bowl)
  9. Brennus   (Hangout)
  10. Old Dawg   (Run people over with my scooter)
  11. Loukia   (Hangout)
  12. Evan   (Both)
  13. Last Name: Ever   (First Name: Greatest)
  14. Caeline   (Hangout)
  15. Elusive White   (hangout)
  16. Rhoda   (Both!)
  17. Daz   (Hang out)
  18. Alex / Streaky   (Both :))
  19. Hikaru   (just chillin')
  20. Andrew Smith   (Both)
  21. Xophox   (Both)
  22. Trinity/ Azora   (both)
  23. Serenity/Blaze   (hang out)
  24. Mios The Lion   (Sure why not)
  25. Andrew   (Both)
  26. Elijah   (Both)
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